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Most kids aren’t too excited about doing their chores, but really, who can blame them for their lack of enthusiasm? It’s only natural that they’d rather play video games than fold the laundry.   You can also read about possible ‘Homes of the Future’ here: http://bit.ly/zK8P1Y
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Via Scoop.itNew Digital Media

Here we are again, discussing the buzzword of 2011/2012; Gamification. It has rapidly gained acceptance, seeping into the consciousness of the digital media industry and it is now making noise on broadcast TV.   There is a new reality TV show on Channel 4 called ‘Home of the Future’ where they ask an average family to experience what it might be like to live in the future, filling their home from top-to-bottom with futuristic technology and gadgets.
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“It’s not all just about the badges. Project leaders can assign points to individual tasks (depending on difficulty or time it takes to complete). These points can then be saved up and exchanged in the RedCritter Tracker store to treat yourself to a pressie. These rewards were voted for by the Matmi staff. Take a look at the kind of thing they aim to spend their hard earned points on (not ashamed to say they are very geek friendly)”
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Gamification in Eduction, image by Matmi
Mini Matmian:
The use of Gamification techniques within education is not on the horizon…it is already here. 6 months ago I highlighted the fact that the work teachers have been doing in classrooms across the globe for many years could easily be seen as a form of non-digital Gamification.
The very practice of stickers, group leader-boards and reward systems that are already in place in so many primary school classrooms is already, in part, a form of gamification …
I then went on to mention how digital media could be used to augment the education process:
…add a bespoke system that also incorporates digital media (yes games are part of it) for multiple purposes that not only serve the individual pupil but also provide an accurate and easy way of tracking progress [for teachers) can only benefit the whole school environment.
All those many months ago I kept it brief. My experience as a former teacher meant that the topic was close to my heart and I knew that if I didn’t reign in my key-tapping fingers I would end up with a 3000 word essay.
As a supporter of the good gamification techniques can bring, I wanted to make one thing absolutely clear:
Sticking the same API or just shoe-horning badges in is NOT taking advantage of the power of game mechanics. 

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A great introduction to think about game theory (NOT the Mathematics version) is the Bartle’s Test (created in 1996), which attempts to defines what player type you are in an online game (take the test). There are four:

frank caron player types

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