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Dear Esther Review

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Welcome to the latest in experimental indie gaming – a non-violent first-person stroller featuring near photo-realistic graphics and exquisite music that would compliment even documentaries like Werner Herzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams and Encounters at the End of the World.

In spite of a lukewarm reception from critics, Dear Esther was a financial success (In your face Bobby Kotick! – Ed. Vader) and that should be proof enough that gamers are interested in exploring non-threatening virtual worlds as well. Worlds where they can experience mature stories and feel a broader range of emotions than what they feel in typical ‘kill or be killed’ games. The simple truth is that Dear Esther is only a moderately successful experiment, which might leave the player disappointed. Still, we all know how important experimenting is to all forms of art. Games are that way too. However, play this just for yourself and try to see where things might go from here. The possibilities are endless and almost completely unexplored.


Beautiful visuals, equally accomplished soundtrack, professional writing and good narration, the game run smoothly with maximum settings even on mid-range PCs;

A bit too much ambiguity and wallowing in self-pity, no interactivity whatsoever, can be finished in under two hours.
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Meet Rhino, the first classic Marvel Super Villain to be unveiled exclusively for the upcoming video game from Beenox, The Amazing Spider-Man. This new, reimagined version of Rhino was created specifically for The Amazing Spider-Man video game and will not be seen in the theatrical film.
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Game Critics Say Asura’s Wrath is Definitely One to Watch.   In Asura’s Wrath developer CyberConnect2 aimed to create a game that played like Japanese animation. Judging by the early reviews, someone forgot to tell them that you don’t actively play Japanese animation.
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Gamification in Eduction, image by Matmi
Mini Matmian:
The use of Gamification techniques within education is not on the horizon…it is already here. 6 months ago I highlighted the fact that the work teachers have been doing in classrooms across the globe for many years could easily be seen as a form of non-digital Gamification.
The very practice of stickers, group leader-boards and reward systems that are already in place in so many primary school classrooms is already, in part, a form of gamification …
I then went on to mention how digital media could be used to augment the education process:
…add a bespoke system that also incorporates digital media (yes games are part of it) for multiple purposes that not only serve the individual pupil but also provide an accurate and easy way of tracking progress [for teachers) can only benefit the whole school environment.
All those many months ago I kept it brief. My experience as a former teacher meant that the topic was close to my heart and I knew that if I didn’t reign in my key-tapping fingers I would end up with a 3000 word essay.
As a supporter of the good gamification techniques can bring, I wanted to make one thing absolutely clear:
Sticking the same API or just shoe-horning badges in is NOT taking advantage of the power of game mechanics. 

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