there’s something new coming to the emerging field of so-called “social tv”: business. 


Check-ins, likes, tweets and clicks? Those are so 2011. There’s something new coming to the emerging field of so-called “social TV”: business.


For months, dabblers in this new medium, which attempts to yoke good old-fashioned TV-watching to the brave new world of consumers communicating with each other via digital methods such as Twitter, has focused largely on convincing fans of select TV shows to talk about the programs. Now advertisers like American Express and Target are wading into these waters with an intriguing idea in mind. Generating chatter is nice, but not nearly as attractive as generating revenue, influencing purchase intent and selling product.


Forget about the clicks and check-ins so commonly associated with what many marketers call the “second screen” experience, which typically involves use of a tablet or smartphone while the user watches anything from “The Voice” to “Hoarders.” Marketers are starting to use the medium with more in mind than just sparking idle talk….

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