Google is working on an open alternative to Apple’s AirPlay, and it’s hoping to bring a number of device and software vendors on board to provide the industry with an open technology to exchange data between second screens and TV-connected devices. YouTube unveiled the first implementation of this technology last week, when it launched AirPlay-like video beaming from Android phones and tablets to Google TV devices. But Google product manager Timbo Drayson made it clear during a conversation I had with him a few days ago that this is just the first step. “We really want to move the whole industry forward,” he said.

Google representatives have been talking about bringing an AirPlay-like experience to Google TV for some time, and the company has also worked for years on a closer connection between Android mobile phones and YouTube apps on a variety of smart TV platforms. YouTube first unveiled a YouTube Remote control app two years ago, and then integrated the same remote control functionality into its main YouTube app last year. Both apps allowed users to start the playback of YouTube videos from their phones. But the downside was that the devices first had to be paired by entering a nine-digit code.

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Google vs Apple. All I seem to hear at the moment, oh that and Apple vs Samsung.

Matmi is really excited by the IPTV technology and the possibilities it presents. To name one, it will change the landscape for second screen apps.

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