There is an infamous attack ad from the 1970s that opens with a montage of a devil, a vampire, and Frankenstein’s monster — and then shifts to a terrifying, anthropomorphized cable box. The angry cable box has red eyes and a wide row of shark-like teeth, which it gnashes as a paternal-sounding announcer warns viewers to stay away from cable: “Don’t let pay TV be the monster in your living room!”

The broadcast television industry has fought — in court, in Congress, and in the media — to block every major innovation in the delivery of its content. Broadcasters fought the upstart cable companies that figured out that a physical connection could deliver a clearer picture than a TV antenna. They fought the VCR and the DVR all the way to the Supreme Court. Now, they’re fighting a startup called Aereo that streams broadcast television live over the internet.

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Gotta love the new streaming world. Fight as they might, the broadcasters need to get with the program (sorry, accidental pun) soon or risk losing more and more viewers. STOP MAKING REALITY TV SHOWS!

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